Trü Smoked Black Pepper 24oz

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Years ago, the Skufca family would fire up the smokehouse to cure all their fresh meats. One day, Grandpa Skufca accidentally left some of the fresh cucumbers inside the smokehouse. Grandma Skufca had a good laugh and decided to go ahead and pickle those too, just for fun. Using Grandpa’s smoked cucumbers and her own delicious pickle recipe, she created the first smoked pickles! The amusing story of the smoked pickles was passed down over the generations, down to Greg. He enjoyed the story so much that he has worked hard to recreate that delicious mistake – and finally succeeded! The result is the Trü Smoked Black Pepper pickle – a pickle with a Trüly original outdoor-smoked flavor that cannot be found in any other pickle on the market. Slice them onto a sandwich or burger, chop them into tuna salad, potato salad, ground them into meatloaf … they give your foods a smoky dill flavor you will love! We think Grandma would be proud – we KNOW Grandpa would be!

Ingredients: Fresh Cucumbers, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Peppers, Black Peppercorns, Smoke Flavor, Grape Leaf