• Lynn L. says

    Honestly, these are the best dill pickles I have ever tasted! You were not kidding on your label!
  • D. Cahn says

    Great work. Love your pickles. A transplant from NY happy to get something approaching a true NY deli. Can't stop daughter from eating. Please become wildly successful, but no different!
  • Ron Kaminski says

    I don't use twitter or facebook but wanted you to know your pickles are the best I've ever had. I found them at a local Albertsons food store and gave them a try. I've been hooked ever since. I often give jars as gifts to those who I know enjoy good pickles. I don't normally write about products but felt you diserved the kudo's. Thanks for your product, and keep up the good work.
  • P. Gallager says

    I had my first taste of your pickles today. OMG! Absolutely bar none/ the best I have ever had. Thank you!
  • Mike from Boulder, CO says

    I eat at least one of your pickles every day. I am now dreaming in color.
  • B Spain Sr. says

    OMG! These pickles are out of this universe! Better than Wickles! I tried both today and fell in love at first bite!
  • 'Dogface' says

    How did you just make me desperately need to go to the HARDWARE STORE for the sole purpose of BUYING PICKLES? 'taint the store, it's the PICKLE !
  • Rick S. says

    Finally- - pickles free of coloring, preservatives, and other un-needed junk. Having Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) as well as being a healthful eater in general, it's great to finally have a real pickle on the market.
  • Susan C. says

    Hi, my name is Susan and live in Covington, LA. I bought my first jar of Tru Pickles this week and have to say, hands down they are by far. Definitely the very best I have ever had. Thank you so much sharing! Wishing the best of everything.