Trü Original Kosher Dills 24oz

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Where did Trü Pickles come from? In the 1900s, many immigrants from all parts of the world came to the United States and brought family recipes to use in the New Country. Greg Skufca’s great grandmothers were no different. One brought with her the recipe for bootleg liquor and built a still in her kitchen (that’s another story). The other great grandmother brought all her canning knowledge with her. Most recipes were not written down and were passed on to the next generation by hands on example …. From Greg’s grandmother, to his father and ultimately to himself. Greg would grow all his own produce and can what he could for his friends and family and there was one item that always stood out … the pickles. So Greg decided to share his pickles with the world! Fresh packed with no artificial ingredients, these pickles are crisp and delicious!

Ingredients: Fresh Cucumbers, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Peppers, Dill Seed, Grape Leaf